Friday, September 24, 2004

We still have not received our deposit back for our house in Fontainebleau (and we did not have any hot water for the last two months). So if anyone of you decides to live North of Fontainebleau, across from Barbizon, let me know. I can tell you if you will be dealing with our dreaded landlady...

No news from France Telecom. I bet they forgot me. But SBC Pacfic Bell conned me into paying for a lot of extra months of line rental because they forgot to disconnect my phone. I am going to use VoIP from now on, wireless access points or smoke signals. I think wired telephone companies hate me.
I talked to someone last night at a dinner - She's Canadian, lives in the US and spent a few months in Paris. I thought I should post this as it might be a useful lesson for anybody trying to "Frenchise" their English.

This lady was walking around Paris telling people that she didn't like American bread because she didn't like preservatives (too much in American bread according to her). She was also telling everyone that she was very excited (to be in France, in Paris, etc...). Preservatives does not translate into preservatif. "Preservatif " in French, as she found out later, means condom. And excited does not translated into "excite" in French. Excite (pronounce excitay) means "horny".

So this lady was going around Paris, telling people about how "horny" she was, and then adding that she really didn't like condoms. The poor Parisians must have been thinking: "and the world bashes about our liberalism! It should look at the other side of the Atlantic!"

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Just in case anyone's still listening.

I may have a job in my dream company...More soon...